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DP transmitter

  • 3151DP Transmitter
3151DP Transmitter

3151DP Transmitter

  • Brand: Xunfei
  • Model slection: Customized
  • Min Qty: 1pcs
  • Payment: T/T
  • Product description: High quality and competitive price of DP Transmitter, differential pressure transmitter manufacturer in China Email: sales@xfmeter.com

3151DP Differential Pressure Transmitter

Brief Description

3151DP differential pressure transmitter adopts advanced-technology high-accurate compact smart sensor, to compensate temperature and static pressure with digital compensation technology which improves measuring accuracy and decreases temperature drift. With long-term stable performance, reliable and strong self-diagnose capacity which makes it popular among transmitter market.

Technical Parameters

Output signal: 4~20mAoutput with HART® protocol digital signaltwo-wire system

Power supply: Outside power24V DC, (power range 12V~45V)

Installation: Explosion-proof dⅡCT5, intrinsic safety iaⅡCT5

Drift features: Range upper and lower limit shall not exceed range limit after positive and negative drift. Maximum positive drift is 0.975URL, maximum negative drift is-URL at minimum range.

Temperature range: medium temperature -40104℃, storage temperature -4085℃, working temperature -4085℃/-2070℃ (with digital head)

Relative humidity: 0100%

Damping: time constant within 0.232.0S is adjustable

Start time: 3S, no need to preheat

Performance: under standard test conditions like without drift, 316stainless steel isolation diaphragm etc.

Range ratio: 40:1

Static pressure and overpressure limit:

input pressure of 013.8MPa (absolute pressure) to any side of transmitter, it will not be broken;

transmitter can work under static pressure between 3.45kPa (absolute pressure) 13.8MPagauge pressure

flange pressure: 68.9MPa