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Ball valve

  • Lining ball valve
Lining ball valve

Lining ball valve

  • Brand: Xunfei
  • Model slection: Customized
  • Min Qty: 1pcs
  • Payment: T/T
  • Product description: High quality and competitive price of lining ball valve, lined ball valve manufacturer in China Email: sales@xfmeter.com

XF14 Lining Ball Valve

Product Introduction

XF14 Lining Ball Valve is a 90°rotary valve with good performance of anti-corrosive which all medium touched parts are isolated by fluoroplastics. The valve lined PTFE or FEP which has good sealing performance, which is suitable for high sealing standard application and especially strong corrosive medium. The ball valve with the characteristics of large flow capacity, simple structure and convenient maintenance, which equipped pneumatic or electric actuator can be used as control valve. It is widely used in oil, chemical, dyeing, pesticide and acid-base, which is a best solution at present.

Product Feature

1, Strong anti-corrosive lined PFA/PTFE is suitable for strong corrosive medium applications, such as vitriol, hydrofluoric acid, alkali, aqua regia and so on.

2, Simple Channel, cavity diameter same as valve diameter and large flow capacity.

3, Bubble standard double seal, and the high accurate machined ball and seat ensures zero leakage.

3, Two pieces metal matched body, the torque and tightness are will not be influenced by the axial and side force when installation.

4, Anti-static design which the same potential between axis and case, which can be escaping the accumulating static.

5, Blow-out proof stem design and sealing up reinforce device.

6, manual operation, gear, pneumatic, electric and related accessories can be as options.

7, ISO5211 as installation standard for actuator

Technical Parameter


·Body type: Straight type ball valve

·Nominal diameter: DN15~200mm

·Nominal Pressure: 1.0, 1.6Mpa;  ANSI 150

·Connection: Flanged connection

·Packing Gland Type: Pressing plate

·Body material: WCB+F46, CF8+F46, WCB+PFA, CF8+PFA

·Packing: V type PTFE, Flexible Graphite

Trim Parts:

Disc type: Lined fluorine O type ball

Flow Feature: Quick Open

Trim Material: WCBCF8CF8M lined F46 or PFA


Leakage:  Conforms to ANSI B16.104

Accessories (Equipped according to requirement)

Air filter regulator, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, lock up valve.