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Magnetic flowmeter

  • XFF10 Magnetic flowmeter
XFF10 Magnetic flowmeter

XFF10 Magnetic flowmeter

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XFF10 Magnetic flowmeter

Products Description

XFF10 Series pipeline type electromagnetic flow meter from CEPAI is inductive meter which measures conductive medium volume flow based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. Single chip embedded technology, digital excitation and CAN fieldbus are top class. Electromagnetic flow meter outputs 4-20mA signal for record, adjust and control as well as displays on field, widely used in industrial technology and management departments like chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, medicine, papermaking, water supply and drainage. Except general conductive liquid, it can also measure volume flow of mixed liquid, high-viscosity liquid, salt liquid, strong acid and strong alkali liquid etc.


Simple structure, reliable, without movable elements, long service life;

No cut-off or choke elements, no pressure loss and flow-blocking;

No mechanical inertia, fast response and stability, applicable to automatic detection, control and process-regulation system;

Measuring accuracy is not effected by medium and its temperature, viscosity, density and pressure;

Lined with PTFE or rubber, electrode material Hc, Hb and Ti are available, which can be applicable to different medium;

With several models like pipeline type and insertion type;

With EEPROM memory unit, measuring and computing data which is reliable and safe;

With two types, integrated type and separated type;

LCD display with high definition;

Technical Parameters

Accuracy: pipeline type, class 0.5 and class 1.0; insertion type, class 2.5;

Medium: liquid and mixed liquid with conductivity more than 5μS/cm;

Flow velocity: 0.28m/s

Environment temperature: -40℃+50℃

Medium temperature: PTFE line, not more than 180℃;

                    Rubber line, not more than 65℃;

Explosion-proof: ExmibdⅡBT4

Magnetic interference: ≤400A/m

Housing: integrated, IP65;

          Separated, sensor IP68 (underwater 5m, limited to rubber line), converter IP65

Output signal: 420mA.DC, load 0750Ω

Communication output: RS485 or HART

Electric connection: M20×1.5F, cable hole-DN10

Power supply: 90220V.AC24±10%V.DC