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  • Lining control valve
Lining control valve

Lining control valve

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XF63 Lining Control Valve


XF63 Lining Control Valve is a single-seat Top Guiding control valve, the wetted parts are adopted high pressure injection molding process, lined poly perfluorinated ethylene (F46) or perfluorinated alkoxy resin (PFA) which is anti-corrosion and aging resistant, packing parts are PTFE bellows and double seal packing, thus it has strong corrosion resistance. As a whole with strong corrosion resistance, long service life, high controlling precision, safe and reliable and convenient maintenance features, Widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, electric power industries, and also has automatic control capacity against the liquid medium process of strong corrosive medium such as acid, alkali and toxic and volatile gas.

Technical Parameter


Type: Single-Seated ball valve

DN: 20-200mm

PN: ANSI150;PN1.01.62.5MPa

Connection: Flange

Body Material: WCB lined F46304 lined F46WCB lined PFA304 lined PFA

Bellows Material: PTFE

Packing: PTFE packing V-shaped.

Valve trim

Valve disc: single-seated plunger valve disc

Control characteristic: Equal percentage, linear, quick open

Trim Material:WCB lined F46CF8 lined F46WCB lined PFACF8 lined PFA.



Membrane material: Ethylene propylene rubber filled with nylon

Spring range: 20-100KPa40-200KPa80-240KPa

Air supply pressure: 140KPa160KPa280KPa400KPa

Air supply connection:Rc1/4Rc3/8

Environment Temp: -30-+70℃

Acting type: air open ( reverse acting), air close (positive acting)

2Electric actuators

Voltage: 220V380V

Environment Temp: -30-+70℃

Control Signal: 4-20mADC(supply 4-20mA signal feedback as per customer requirement)


Leakage rate: accordance with ANSI B16.10VI level which is less than 0.01% of rating CV.

Adjustable: 30:1
Variation: 1%( with positioner) 3% (no positioner)

Linear: ±2%( with positioner) ±5% (no positioner)

Accessories ( As per requirements)

Positioner, Filter Regulator, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve, valve position transmitter, pneumatic valve, speed increaser, lock up valve etc.