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Temperature transmitter

  • SBW temperature transmitter
SBW temperature transmitter

SBW temperature transmitter

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  • Model slection: Customized
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SBW Temperature transmitter

Brief Description of SBW Temperature transmitter

SBW temperature transmitter with industrial thermocouple and RTD is a temperature instrument, which combines thermocouple or RTD with transmitter together to measure temperature of medium (liquid, steam and gas) of which temperature is between -200℃ and 1600℃ and convert the temp into the signal of 4-20mA which will be displayed in recorder, display instrument or computer. As temperature - measuring instrument of new generation, it could be widely used in metallurgy, petroleum chemical, power station, light industry, textile, foodstuff, national defense, and scientific research field, etc.

Features of SBW Temperature transmitter

Integrated small module, wide university;

Two-wire system 420mADC output, far transmission distance, strong interference-resistance performance;

Cold end, temperature drift, non-linearity self-compensation;

High accuracy with long-term stability;

Temperature module is pouring with epoxy resin inside, applicable to various harsh and dangerous occasions;

Integrated simple structure, can replace thermocouples and RTDs;

When use thermocouple temperature transmitter, you can save compensation wire which reduces cost;

Liquid crystal display, nixie tube and needle are optional which are convenient in field to monitor on time;

When field environment temperature70℃, transmitter and filed displayer can install separately;

Explosion-proof class: dIIBT4dIIBT5

Protection class: IP54