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Bimetal thermometer

  • WSS Bimetallic thermometer
WSS Bimetallic thermometer

WSS Bimetallic thermometer

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The WSS Bimetallic thermometer is used to measure the low temperature field instrumentation, can be used to directly measure the temperature of gases and liquids. Compared with the glass mercury thermometer, it has the advantages of no mercury-harm, easy to read, durable and so on.

The protective tube, section head, locking bolts of bimetallic thermometer are all using 1Crl8Ni9Ti published material, the shell is made by aluminum plate which is stretched, then machined and surface black electrophoresis treated, table covers and table box with double-ring thread locking rubber ring seal structure, so the integral waterproof and corrosion is good, radial type instrument used pipe structure, novel appearance, light, beautiful unique.

Working Principle of WSS Bimetallic thermometer

The WSS Bimetallic thermometer is single needle type indicating thermometer, of which one bimetallic strip in spiral pipe shape is fixed, and the other free end is connected with the needle pointer, rotates along with the temperature’s changes. at the same time, drives the needle to rotate so as to indicate the temperature.

Features of  WSS Bimetallic thermometer:

1. It can display the temperature on-site, which is intuitive and convenient

2. It is safe and reliable with long service life;

3. With a variety of structural forms, which can meet different requirements

Main tech data of WSS Bimetallic thermometer:

1.Product implementation standard:JB/T8803-1998

2.Nominal diameter of dial:60,100,150

3.Precision grade:(1.0),1.5

4.Thermal response time:≤40s

5.Protection level:IP55

6.Angle adjustment error:

Angle adjustment error should not more than 10% of the range

7. Return difference: the return difference of the thermometer should not be more than the absolute value of the error limitation.

8. Repeatability: the repeatability of the thermometer should be no greater than 1/2 of the absolute value of the basic error limitation.

9. Range of temperature measurement

Note: Any special design or question of WSS Bimetallic thermometer,kindly contact the manufacturer for more details.