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Bimetal thermometer

  • WSS Electric contact bimetallic thermometer
WSS Electric contact bimetallic thermometer

WSS Electric contact bimetallic thermometer

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  • Explosion Grade: ExdIICT4~CT6
  • Delivery: 1 week Exw
  • Minimual Order Qty: 5pcs
  • Product description: High quality and competitive price of WSS Electric contact bimetallic thermometer maunfacturer in China. Email:sales@xfmeter.com

Brief Description

WSSX Electric contact bimetallic thermometer is used to measure field middle and low temperature, can be used to measure directly the temperature of liquid and gas. Compared with glass mercury thermometer, it has no mercury harm, easy to read, strong and durable. The protection tube, joint and locking bolt of WSSX series bimetallic thermometer are 1cr18ni9ti stainless steel, the case is made of stretched aluminum board after machining, surface is dealt with electrophoresis processing, the head (cover and box) is ring type double rubber ring seal locking structure, thus the waterproof & anti-corrosion performance is good, radial (straight) type adopts bend tube structure, novel appearance, light, beautiful and unique.

Working principle

WSSX series electric contact bimetallic thermometer has electric contact device, a mechanical electric contact. When medium temperature changes, fine axis and steering transmission mechanism on the free end turns pointer and the moving contact, the dial indicates change of temperature, at the time of contact or cut off with the fixed contact (upper and lower limit contact), it makes the circuit system relay and contactor act, then realize automatic control and alarm, it’s in accordance with JB/T8803 1998 standard.

Technical Parameters

Temperature range:  60-500 ℃

Accuracy:  1.5. Contactor action error limit is 1.5tiims of readings basic error.

Thermometer dial diameter:  60, 100, 150 mm.

Tube length:  75-2000mm.

Tube diameter:  6, 8, 10 (when tube length is 100-1250); 12 (when tube length is 1250-2000mm).

Install thread:  M16X1.5, M27X2, G1/2, G3/4, tube and fixed bolt joint are1 cr18ni9ti stainless steel, pressure 6.4 MPa.

Waterproof performance: the shell can withstand spray from 25mm-faucet 5m away (water pressure is not less than 2Kg/m²), no water penetrate the thermometer case within 5minitues.

Housing: IP65

Contact maximum operating voltage:  ~ 380 v or 220 v

Contact rated power:  10 VA

Contact maximum working current:  1 a (non-inductive load)