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  • WR-Abrasion-resistant-thermocouple


  • Brand: Xunfei
  • Explosion Grade: ExdIICT4~CT6
  • Delivery: 1 week Exw
  • Minimual Order Qty: 5pcs
  • Product description: High quality and competitive price of WR-Abrasion-resistant-thermocouple.Email:sales@xfmeter.com

Brief Description

Abrasion resistant thermocouple adopts different strength wear resistance protection tube due to different temperature ranges and medium which constitute compound tube type solid structure, thus it’s applicable to occasions which may cause heavy wear like petrochemical industry, coal transmission system, fluidized bed boiler, cement clinker and fire-proof material etc.

Abrasion resistant thermocouple from our company is of international level with advanced technology, the special wear resistance material guarantee its long-service life (1~2 years) without influence on measuring lag. Protection tube is wear resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistant, as well as vulcanization-resistant, liquid iron powder resistant, limestone resistant, rush-resistant, vibration-resistant etc.