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  • WR Sheathed thermocouple
WR Sheathed thermocouple

WR Sheathed thermocouple

  • Brand: Xunfei
  • Explosion Grade: ExdIICT4~CT6
  • Delivery: 1 week Exw
  • Minimual Order Qty: 5pcs
  • Product description: High quality and competitive price of WR Sheathed thermocouple in China. Email: sales@xfmeter.com


WR Sheathed thermocouple has many advantages of such as flexible, high pressure- resistant, fast thermal response time and durability and so on. It can be used as a temperature sensor which is the same to the industrial fabricated thermocouple. It is usually used with display instrument, record instrument and electronic regulator, at the same time, also can be temperature components for the fabricated thermocouple. In the process of production it can directly measure all liquid, steam and gas and solids surface temperature from 0℃~800 ℃, which complies with IEC standard.

Working Principle:

The principle of WR Sheathed thermocouple is that tow conductors with different components are welded at both ends to form a loop, the direct temperature side is called measurement side, the terminal side is called reference junction. When measuring side and reference side have a different temperature, it will generate heat in the loop, and then connected to the display instrument, and then the instrument indicates the corresponding temperature value of the thermal electromotive force generated by the thermocouple.

The force of WR Sheathed thermocouple will increase along with the temperature increasing of measurement side. The size of thermocouple force is only related to the conductor material as well as the temperature differential of both sides, which has no relationship with the length and diameter of the sheathed thermocouple.